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The official Tweets of Burger King USA.
Joined July 2010

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*takes selfie with fries* Fries: No, delete it.
272 retweets 451 favorites
⚪ in a relationship ⚪ it’s complicated 🔘 Whopper
248 retweets 371 favorites
search history: how do you know if onion rings like you
81 retweets 159 favorites
*finally gets around to attempting homework* “well, time for a drive-thru run.”
140 retweets 257 favorites
#TakeYourChildToWorkDay [Whopper and Whopper Jr enter room] “Dad, why are a bunch of humans staring at us?” “RUN, SON, RUN!”
118 retweets 221 favorites
239 retweets 660 favorites
*Points at cars in BK drive-thru* “THESE PEOPLE TOTALLY GET IT”
54 retweets 171 favorites
306 retweets 517 favorites
He took my Croissan’wich, your honor.
55 retweets 128 favorites
Who called them onion rings and not pure happiness?
105 retweets 179 favorites
hash browns > #hashtags
314 retweets 421 favorites
🙅 bring her fries 💏 be fries
542 retweets 691 favorites
“Your job is done here, champ.” *takes last bite of Whopper* *wipes away single tear*
80 retweets 168 favorites
[at wedding] Will you love her, cherish her, and take her to BK every day like you used to?
164 retweets 301 favorites
I have good & bad news. Girl: Ok, the bad news? Guy: I ate your Whopper. Girl: OMG [cries] and the good news? Guy: IT. WAS. AM-AAA-ZING.
124 retweets 233 favorites
Unlike some sayings, you definitely can have your fries, and eat them too.
95 retweets 170 favorites
🎶Hold me closer Tiny Whopperrrr🎶 No? Those aren’t the words?
91 retweets 163 favorites
*gets relationship advice* *dates onion rings instead*
317 retweets 348 favorites
fries are red onion rings are blue actually just really hungry rn and neither of those are true
281 retweets 305 favorites
148 retweets 275 favorites
An order of onion rings are called friends.
176 retweets 220 favorites
A wise man once said, “Whopper.” And everyone agreed.
185 retweets 278 favorites
77 retweets 120 favorites
Awwww those fries in your hand look so good right now.
105 retweets 189 favorites
Buying food that’s not #ChickenFries is hard.
151 retweets 219 favorites
Strolls in late to class with Croissan’wich Looks at teacher ‘Suup Teacher eats Croissan’wich
54 retweets 148 favorites
[throws fries at potato harvest] “Go. You’re free now.”
129 retweets 239 favorites
429 retweets 882 favorites
69 retweets 94 favorites
Let’s talk about it over breakfast. pic.twitter.com/01YWJoN2PU
53 retweets 142 favorites
🎶IT’S GETTING HOT IN HERE🎶 -Guy who’s flame grilling a Whopper, probably
77 retweets 169 favorites
152 retweets 246 favorites
Picture of the Year: The Fault in our Onion Rings. pic.twitter.com/DReX3B1FIo
262 retweets 509 favorites
Best Duo: Double Whopper & Bite Out of Whopper. pic.twitter.com/qmk0G5e5ET
82 retweets 166 favorites
Best Hero: Whopper-Lord pic.twitter.com/rYqFpFOwtH
279 retweets 705 favorites
1,712 retweets 4,589 favorites
“When did you know it was true love?” “As soon as I saw the onion rings, I knew.”
157 retweets 202 favorites
Dating fries… Pro: they’re great listeners. Con: You look like you’re talking to yourself. Worth it.
204 retweets 320 favorites
Roses are Whoppers Violets are Whoppers Never try to write poetry when you’re hungry.
243 retweets 329 favorites
Let’s roll to BK. *lays down on floor* *rolls out the door*
173 retweets 288 favorites
Selfie tip: be onion rings.
164 retweets 225 favorites
Sunshine is fine. pic.twitter.com/XbpGT98flb
309 retweets 755 favorites
Kid: Dad, can you hand me my Whopper, I’m hungry. Dad: Hi hungry, I’m Dad. Kid: YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME *throws napkins* #dadjokes
175 retweets 303 favorites
529 retweets 973 favorites
[please enter password] ilovewhoppers [password must contain one side item] iloveonionrings
86 retweets 222 favorites
Girl: I don’t think we can see each other any more. *boyfriend covered in pile of chicken fries*
290 retweets 417 favorites
Take her to BK or lose her forever.
769 retweets 766 favorites
From our family to yours. Congrats to Mr. Burger and Ms. King on a wedding like no other. #BurgerKingWedding https://youtu.be/ktLbms20IUo 
160 retweets 226 favorites
You on @KiK? Hit us up for sticker packs (username: BurgerKing). http://kik.me/BurgerKing  pic.twitter.com/9zC4DUqEkJ
63 retweets 154 favorites
*doesn’t know anything about basketball* *roots for the Whopper*
126 retweets 270 favorites
No, YOUR tired and write typos becuase you need breakfast.
147 retweets 297 favorites
Check out our entire flock of @BurgerKing #ChickenFries cars! Flag one down if you want a free ride around town! pic.twitter.com/F70hUJR1dx
56 retweets 103 favorites
Fries: LET’S JOIN FORCES Onion rings: WE’LL TAKE OVER THE WORLD Both: MUAHAHAHAHA Guy: [eats fries and onion rings] Delicious. ~fin~
130 retweets 264 favorites
Burger King retweeted
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Have you noticed the @BurgerKing #ChickenFries branded SUVs cruising around Indy during #FinalFour weekend? pic.twitter.com/QVBnW4BVBm
52 retweets 123 favorites
A refresh button but for fries.
211 retweets 333 favorites
Need a ride? Flag down the #ChickenFries car at the #FinalFour for a free lift all weekend. pic.twitter.com/GOIT9bGuHU
67 retweets 172 favorites
If it isn't Mrs Burger-King to be. Send us a DM, we have something special for you. RT @kingerr3 @BurgerKing I'm Ms King! #BurgerKingWedding
58 retweets 109 favorites
208 retweets 395 favorites
*goes from zero to amazing in like 3 hashbrowns*
183 retweets 274 favorites
Burgers > Brackets
93 retweets 167 favorites
*bracket busts* *temporarily sad* *orders Chicken Fries* *goes back to normal*
95 retweets 265 favorites