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Kristyn has been up for the past 30 minutes or so. Completely upset. Snots just dripping out of her nose. Gotta love baby colds. 03:20 AM October 08, 2008 from txt
Just drove by a man wearing a suit, riding a unicycle. 10:02 AM October 07, 2008 from txt
@mrChriswcr yes. He was on earlier... 04:47 AM October 03, 2008 from web in reply to mrChriswcr
NPH is on Sesame Street right now. 04:19 AM October 03, 2008 from txt
Today was the perfect day to put an offer in on a house. The people who live above us hit an all time leval of obnoxious this morning. 10:47 PM October 01, 2008 from txt
Kristyn went to chase Uncle Connor on the tire swing @ park today, fell in dirt, proceeded to eat dirt. Yum! 01:20 PM September 30, 2008 from txt
Somethings wrong w/ me. I need to see a doctor. I've been so incredibly tired since last week. Vitamins, caffeine..nothing helps. 12:51 PM September 30, 2008 from txt
Just looked at the weather. I'm pretty disapointed its going to be in the 70s for the next few days. Fall, please come back!!! 04:33 PM September 28, 2008 from txt
Buttins=buttons. And since I'm getting technical its not your buttons, its your screen. 04:14 PM September 24, 2008 from txt
Dear Ipod TOUCH, sometimes you don't respond when I TOUCH your buttins. What gives? 04:11 PM September 24, 2008 from txt
Kristyn just discovered the cat's tail. I figured this would happen a lot sooner than 13 months into her life! PS-cat not happy about he ... ... 04:12 AM September 24, 2008 from txt
@mrChriswcr just made some kick ass home made salsa.About to sit and re-watch Always Sunny.. 08:10 AM September 21, 2008 from mobile web in reply to mrChriswcr
Feel a cold coming on. Maybe it's just allergies. Either way, I hate this feeling. Ears hurt. Throat hurts. Sniffles. 10:17 AM September 17, 2008 from txt
Kristyn is 13 months old today and officially walking around the house! She is choosing to crawl sometimes too but she's finally walking!! 04:43 PM September 15, 2008 from txt
Busy, busy work day for me! 08:46 AM September 15, 2008 from txt
Off to lunch @ the BFF's house. Kristyn and I are jamming to Santogold. 09:29 AM September 13, 2008 from txt
My kid won't eat her breakfast but she'll eat stupid skull window gel decorations... 05:31 AM September 12, 2008 from txt
Ugh-Sussex people really are quite creepy! 02:52 PM September 10, 2008 from txt
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