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The official Tweets of Burger King USA.
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Strolls in late to class with Croissan’wich Looks at teacher ‘Suup Teacher eats Croissan’wich
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[throws fries at potato harvest] “Go. You’re free now.”
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Let’s talk about it over breakfast. pic.twitter.com/01YWJoN2PU
33 retweets 85 favorites
🎶IT’S GETTING HOT IN HERE🎶 -Guy who’s flame grilling a Whopper, probably
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Picture of the Year: The Fault in our Onion Rings. pic.twitter.com/DReX3B1FIo
239 retweets 466 favorites
Best Duo: Double Whopper & Bite Out of Whopper. pic.twitter.com/qmk0G5e5ET
60 retweets 149 favorites
Best Hero: Whopper-Lord pic.twitter.com/rYqFpFOwtH
110 retweets 253 favorites
640 retweets 1,746 favorites
“When did you know it was true love?” “As soon as I saw the onion rings, I knew.”
145 retweets 196 favorites
Dating fries… Pro: they’re great listeners. Con: You look like you’re talking to yourself. Worth it.
195 retweets 309 favorites
Roses are Whoppers Violets are Whoppers Never try to write poetry when you’re hungry.
240 retweets 325 favorites
Let’s roll to BK. *lays down on floor* *rolls out the door*
168 retweets 279 favorites
Selfie tip: be onion rings.
162 retweets 221 favorites
Sunshine is fine. pic.twitter.com/XbpGT98flb
300 retweets 744 favorites
Kid: Dad, can you hand me my Whopper, I’m hungry. Dad: Hi hungry, I’m Dad. Kid: YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME *throws napkins* #dadjokes
172 retweets 299 favorites
513 retweets 963 favorites
[please enter password] ilovewhoppers [password must contain one side item] iloveonionrings
84 retweets 219 favorites
Girl: I don’t think we can see each other any more. *boyfriend covered in pile of chicken fries*
282 retweets 409 favorites
Take her to BK or lose her forever.
756 retweets 761 favorites
From our family to yours. Congrats to Mr. Burger and Ms. King on a wedding like no other. #BurgerKingWedding https://youtu.be/ktLbms20IUo 
159 retweets 223 favorites
You on @KiK? Hit us up for sticker packs (username: BurgerKing). http://kik.me/BurgerKing  pic.twitter.com/9zC4DUqEkJ
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*doesn’t know anything about basketball* *roots for the Whopper*
125 retweets 268 favorites
No, YOUR tired and write typos becuase you need breakfast.
146 retweets 298 favorites
Check out our entire flock of @BurgerKing #ChickenFries cars! Flag one down if you want a free ride around town! pic.twitter.com/F70hUJR1dx
55 retweets 101 favorites
Fries: LET’S JOIN FORCES Onion rings: WE’LL TAKE OVER THE WORLD Both: MUAHAHAHAHA Guy: [eats fries and onion rings] Delicious. ~fin~
129 retweets 264 favorites
Burger King retweeted
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Have you noticed the @BurgerKing #ChickenFries branded SUVs cruising around Indy during #FinalFour weekend? pic.twitter.com/QVBnW4BVBm
51 retweets 121 favorites
A refresh button but for fries.
206 retweets 331 favorites
Need a ride? Flag down the #ChickenFries car at the #FinalFour for a free lift all weekend. pic.twitter.com/GOIT9bGuHU
65 retweets 168 favorites
If it isn't Mrs Burger-King to be. Send us a DM, we have something special for you. RT @kingerr3 @BurgerKing I'm Ms King! #BurgerKingWedding
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204 retweets 397 favorites
*goes from zero to amazing in like 3 hashbrowns*
180 retweets 271 favorites
Burgers > Brackets
93 retweets 165 favorites
*bracket busts* *temporarily sad* *orders Chicken Fries* *goes back to normal*
94 retweets 265 favorites
118 retweets 319 favorites
At the #FinalFour? Like #ChickenFries? Need a ride? What a coincidence. The Chicken Fries car is giving out free rides all weekend.
42 retweets 103 favorites
Favorite part of the #FinalFour is seeing the @BurgerKing #ChickenFries car! pic.twitter.com/dsrUl2SZmg
26 retweets 110 favorites
Mr. Burger and Ms. King? Is this real life? Please help us find this amazing couple. #BurgerKingWedding pic.twitter.com/gwhFhCMmmR
239 retweets 317 favorites
[hungry guy ordering] “Yes, I’ll have what everyone in the Burger King is having.”
67 retweets 184 favorites
Spring time perfection. pic.twitter.com/GNcBlIyfmj
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710 retweets 1,566 favorites
If you’re eating BK and reading this, you’re totally EATING BK IN THE FUTURE, OMG WHAT’S IT LIKE?!
53 retweets 162 favorites
2,499 retweets 4,983 favorites
[Two guys waiting in the drive-thru] Guy 1: Did you know that music is just vibrations? Guy 2: Guy 1: Guy 2: Just get me a number 3 Guy 1: K
165 retweets 306 favorites
U EVEN LIFT BRO? *lifts Whopper* *takes bite* YES
344 retweets 509 favorites
[Walks out of BK holding to-go bag with a face drawn on it] “This date is going great”
135 retweets 205 favorites
*zooms in on the Whopper in your selfie*
148 retweets 251 favorites
[Whopper commercial] *guy awkwardly standing there with 100 whoppers in hands* “Is this seriously all you want me to do?” ANNCR: WHOPPER.
84 retweets 205 favorites
The best thing that goes with fries is you. Ketchup, indeed.
122 retweets 260 favorites
Girl: No, YOU hang up. Fries: ... Girl: This is so us.
240 retweets 378 favorites
[on first date] *breaks long silence* guy: mom, i know you love BK, but did you really have to come along with us? mom: YES.
232 retweets 438 favorites
439 retweets 780 favorites
Need ketchup? MAKE IT RAIN *starts pouring ketchup on Whopper* Okay, OKAY, that’s enough, thanks
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Free refills and #ChickenFries maybe? PUMPED. pic.twitter.com/3xSSoYYKZq
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They’re not going anywhere this time. Promise. #ChickenFries pic.twitter.com/Fvg8xWRGzi
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