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archived 9 May 2015 14:19:39 UTC

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The official Tweets of Burger King USA.
Joined July 2010

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Weekend plans? You mean onion rings.
128 retweets 186 favorites
“Truth or Dare” “Dare” “Go get us BK”
160 retweets 267 favorites
Let’s go to BK instead. pic.twitter.com/9RzxkwcKoA
101 retweets 182 favorites
👨: I’m going to miss you 🍔: I know *eats Whopper* *wipes away single tear*
365 retweets 494 favorites
*Goes to prom with Whopper*
461 retweets 550 favorites
254 retweets 399 favorites
Him: can I have all of the Chicken Fries, please? BK: How many boxes? Him: I don’t think you understood me.
354 retweets 556 favorites
365 retweets 905 favorites
Mom: what’s on your phone background? Girl: my boyfriend Mom: it looks like fries to me Girl: GET OUT OF MY LIFE
417 retweets 568 favorites
Grill on, friend. pic.twitter.com/snUqJ4to0P
90 retweets 177 favorites
Four five seconds from drive-thru.
287 retweets 427 favorites
Feelings Feeling Feelin Feeli Feel Fe Fr Fri Frie Fries
1,019 retweets 973 favorites
95 retweets 142 favorites
2,693 retweets 5,530 favorites
*emo guy orders* “Would you like any sighs with that?” “excuse me?” “Sides. Any sides with that.”
629 retweets 796 favorites
Nice try, potato that’s not a fry.
96 retweets 208 favorites
“I’ve got you covered.” -ketchup
146 retweets 242 favorites
*guy has a wonderful day* *goes back to lady at the drive-thru* “I actually did it”
258 retweets 525 favorites
Gonna need some BK. Starting, yesterday.
95 retweets 171 favorites
76 retweets 191 favorites
Plot Twist: Whopper Jr grows up #WhopperWednesday
62 retweets 145 favorites
Time fries when you’re tweeting in puns.
376 retweets 542 favorites
2,555 retweets 5,035 favorites
Says he can’t cook. Asks what you want from BK. Keeper.
165 retweets 279 favorites
Sketch artist: Tell me about your parents facial features Fries: very potato-like
74 retweets 184 favorites
Guy: “I got you a gift.” Girl: “You got me a Big Fish sandwich?” Guy: “Was I talking to myself again?”
41 retweets 162 favorites
*takes selfie with fries* Fries: No, delete it.
604 retweets 886 favorites
⚪ in a relationship ⚪ it’s complicated 🔘 Whopper
755 retweets 753 favorites
search history: how do you know if onion rings like you
155 retweets 237 favorites
*finally gets around to attempting homework* “well, time for a drive-thru run.”
174 retweets 317 favorites
#TakeYourChildToWorkDay [Whopper and Whopper Jr enter room] “Dad, why are a bunch of humans staring at us?” “RUN, SON, RUN!”
149 retweets 265 favorites
542 retweets 1,437 favorites
*Points at cars in BK drive-thru* “THESE PEOPLE TOTALLY GET IT”
58 retweets 191 favorites
330 retweets 549 favorites
He took my Croissan’wich, your honor.
57 retweets 131 favorites
Who called them onion rings and not pure happiness?
114 retweets 192 favorites
hash browns > #hashtags
336 retweets 447 favorites
🙅 bring her fries 💏 be fries
698 retweets 838 favorites
“Your job is done here, champ.” *takes last bite of Whopper* *wipes away single tear*
90 retweets 184 favorites
[at wedding] Will you love her, cherish her, and take her to BK every day like you used to?
186 retweets 319 favorites
I have good & bad news. Girl: Ok, the bad news? Guy: I ate your Whopper. Girl: OMG [cries] and the good news? Guy: IT. WAS. AM-AAA-ZING.
136 retweets 251 favorites
Unlike some sayings, you definitely can have your fries, and eat them too.
101 retweets 175 favorites
🎶Hold me closer Tiny Whopperrrr🎶 No? Those aren’t the words?
99 retweets 172 favorites
*gets relationship advice* *dates onion rings instead*
332 retweets 354 favorites
fries are red onion rings are blue actually just really hungry rn and neither of those are true
301 retweets 328 favorites
181 retweets 286 favorites
An order of onion rings are called friends.
186 retweets 226 favorites
A wise man once said, “Whopper.” And everyone agreed.
187 retweets 281 favorites
81 retweets 127 favorites
Awwww those fries in your hand look so good right now.
109 retweets 191 favorites
Buying food that’s not #ChickenFries is hard.
157 retweets 221 favorites
Strolls in late to class with Croissan’wich Looks at teacher ‘Suup Teacher eats Croissan’wich
56 retweets 150 favorites
[throws fries at potato harvest] “Go. You’re free now.”
141 retweets 245 favorites
451 retweets 901 favorites
83 retweets 106 favorites
Let’s talk about it over breakfast. pic.twitter.com/01YWJoN2PU
57 retweets 145 favorites
🎶IT’S GETTING HOT IN HERE🎶 -Guy who’s flame grilling a Whopper, probably
77 retweets 169 favorites
161 retweets 251 favorites
Picture of the Year: The Fault in our Onion Rings. pic.twitter.com/DReX3B1FIo
273 retweets 534 favorites
Best Duo: Double Whopper & Bite Out of Whopper. pic.twitter.com/qmk0G5e5ET
101 retweets 170 favorites
Best Hero: Whopper-Lord pic.twitter.com/rYqFpFOwtH
287 retweets 706 favorites
1,710 retweets 4,578 favorites
“When did you know it was true love?” “As soon as I saw the onion rings, I knew.”
158 retweets 201 favorites
Dating fries… Pro: they’re great listeners. Con: You look like you’re talking to yourself. Worth it.
213 retweets 325 favorites
Roses are Whoppers Violets are Whoppers Never try to write poetry when you’re hungry.
246 retweets 331 favorites
Let’s roll to BK. *lays down on floor* *rolls out the door*
180 retweets 292 favorites