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BURGER KING® USA official Twitter account. Updating you with new menu items, delicious deals, and reminding you that TASTE IS KING℠. http://info.bk.com/alert-signup 


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  1. The WHOPPER® Sandwich and the WHOPPER JR.®, our favorite Father-Son combo. Happy Father's Day! pic.twitter.com/qNXnlbdz01
  2. The 50¢ ice cream commercial by Burger King is just so cute & makes me wanna dance and be happy.
  3. I cut fast food out of my diet until Burger King came out with a new rib sandwich. I had two today. Well played, Burger King. Well played.
  4. @BurgerKing Can you send me a huge poster of your new soft serve Ice cream Reasons Why: 1. I love it 2. I worship It 3. BECAUSE ITS AWESOME
  5. In their first meeting since 2002, @Brewers host @Athletics at 8:10pm ET in the @MLBTV Free Game of the Day presented by @BurgerKing.
  6. Burger, fries, and an ice cream cone. That's an all American meal if I ever heard of one! #BurgerKing
  7. You don't have to tell us how awesome our #BKbbq is, but we totally understand if you can't resist!
  8. $1 for a Frozen Lemonade?! The coolest news you've heard all day. Participation varies. Priced higher in AK & HI http://bit.ly/10YdYQP 
  9. Can you order a WHOPPER® Sandwich with a side of WHOPPER® Sandwich? Sorry, just thinking out loud here.
  10. No fast good chain will ever beat @BurgerKing when it comes to breakfast. The breakfast croissants are amazing.
  11. We heard you guys have been spreading rumors about the launch of our Rib Sandwich. Well, rumors confirmed: The Rib Sandwich is coming!
  12. We spotted the WHOPPER® Sandwich and the Turkey Burger on the set of @MyFoxNY. Looking delicious we might add! pic.twitter.com/9t9dsGoSUK
  13. What's better than one WHOPPER® Sandwich? How about Two for $5? Price & participation vary. Prices higher in HI. Not valid in AK.