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  1. Thanks, man! RT@GaryInBrig $1 menu really good. Food is always made fresh. Hot and juicy. (@ Burger King) http://4sq.com/arda7d about 23 hours ago via HootSuite
  2. RT@JonathanRKnight http://tweetphoto.com/36638060 No cooking in this kitchen today....... Burger King is calling my name! about 24 hours ago via HootSuite
  3. Hungry? Order the TENDERGRILL Chicken Sandwich on a Ciabatta bun. The Subservient Chicken’s still taking orders too. http//bit.ly/subchk 8:35 AM Aug 3rd via HootSuite
  4. RT@LilithFhynix: I love the @BurgerKing commercial where Tony Stewart works a day at BK. Not to mention the Steakhouse XT burger is amazing! 7:23 AM Aug 3rd via HootSuite
  5. The King never sleeps-seriously, his eyes are painted open. And most #BurgerKing locations are open til 2 AM or later, so go grab some grub. 8:27 PM Aug 1st via HootSuite
  6. @insertadjective Thanks for the note. We have brought it up to The King and will let you know if he changes his mind. 8:25 PM Aug 1st via HootSuite in reply to insertadjective
  7. Make a WHOPPER, YOUR WAY. Build your WHOPPER Sandwich from the bun up & check the nutrition w/ the BK Burger Builder http//bit.ly/bkbuilder 8:30 AM Aug 1st via HootSuite
  8. Who knew the Subservient Chicken was still clucking around? http//bit.ly/subchk 11:50 AM Jul 31st via HootSuite
  9. @JayoftheDead Thanks - we just launched this week and are still working on telling everyone 6:36 AM Jul 31st via HootSuite in reply to JayoftheDead
  10. @14TonyStewart Better not be late today. We know you won’t get stuck in traffic. ;) #BurgerKing http://clockedinwithtony.com 6:35 AM Jul 31st via HootSuite
  11. @davidrguzman We ARE the official Twitter feed of BURGER KING - but we're still working on telling everyone. Thanks for finding us! 8:21 AM Jul 30th via HootSuite in reply to davidrguzman
  12. Thanks for stopping by! RT@justinbieber yes that was me riding on a segway going thru the Burger King drive thru w/o security. I was hungry! 8:03 AM Jul 30th via HootSuite
  13. The King’s hamming it up this morning. No show tunes, just the BK Breakfast Muffin Sandwich – for just a buck. Price may vary. 3:41 AM Jul 30th via HootSuite
  14. The BK Burger Builder. It’s like that time you built shelves, with less pain and humiliation. http//bit.ly/bkbuilder 10:45 AM Jul 29th via HootSuite
  15. You on the job? So is Tony Stewart. He’s working at #BurgerKing to sell the Smoky Cheddar Steakhouse XT Burger http://Clockedinwithtony.com 7:35 AM Jul 29th via HootSuite
  16. Want to order a chicken around? Get the TENDERGRILL Chicken Sandwich, or order the Subservient Chicken around. http://bit.ly/subchk 1:50 PM Jul 28th via HootSuite
  17. Wake up on the right side of delicious with the BK Breakfast Muffin Sandwich. Eggs, ham and honey butter sauce. Yum. 5:35 AM Jul 28th via HootSuite
  18. Get some hot late-night action at #BurgerKing. We’ve got a full Late Night menu ‘til 2 AM or later (at most locations). 9:35 PM Jul 27th via HootSuite
  19. Tony Stewart is at #BurgerKing helping sell the Smoky Cheddar Steakhouse XT Burger himself. Watch his day at http://clockedinwithtony.com 5:30 PM Jul 27th via HootSuite
  20. At the WHOPPER Bar in South Beach, with burgers, brews, and a heat wave that’s flame-grilling us just like a burger. http://bit.ly/whprbr 3:17 PM Jul 27th via HootSuite
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