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  1. 2 for $5 is back! What's your perfect match? Price & participation vary. Prices higher in AK & HI: http://bit.ly/169ZAuc 
  2. Is John Clayton’s room your favorite "This Is SportsCenter" spot ever? Let us and @BurgerKing know by voting HERE » http://bit.ly/VoteTISC 
  3. We’re counting down the best "This Is SportsCenter" commercials of all-time with help from @BurgerKing. VOTE HERE » http://bit.ly/VoteTISC 
  4. @BurgerKing Carolina BBQ Tendercrisp is the best fast food chicken sandwich I've ever had. Just finished my first one! #TGIF
  5. BK® BBQ Pulled Pork: bringing Memphis to the masses! Limited time only. At participating restaurants pic.twitter.com/uowILm63ol
  6. #TBT: The WHOPPER® Sandwich debuted on the BK® menu in 1957. If you ever stumble into a time machine, avoid 1956. pic.twitter.com/huGGA1Dx9n
  7. It's #July4th and the Original Chicken Sandwich is $1.04 until Sunday. Today is full of reasons to celebrate! Price and participation vary.
  8. Hope you're sitting! Our Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich is made with a little #Swoon. At participating restaurants. pic.twitter.com/oQQyoJI0XI